27 February 2015

#tokfriday - #TheDress That Broke the Internet

As a way of getting this blog started, getting me blogging regularly, and using the blog to share and interact with other educators, I'm going to try to introduce #tokfriday. Every Friday the goal will be to post one Knowledge Question extracted from a current event. There will be a graphic to go along with the knowledge question that can be downloaded and used, and at least one short article or video (i.e. Real Life Situation) that can be read in a classroom to show how a Knowledge Question can be extracted from a RLS.

The RLS:

#TheDress broke the internet yesterday. Is it blue and black, or white and gold? Debate ensued and raged. Celebrities weight in. Psychologists weighted in. It became Team Black and Blue vs. Team White and Gold.

The KQ:

Image source: swilked via wired.com

Linking Areas of Knowledge: 

art, ethics, natural sciences, human sciences

The short article:

This Cartoon is the Simplest Explanation of the Color Changing Dress

Further reading:

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